Cocoa and Brownie


The patio – which was really the front yard of a converted old house – was crowded, even in the new shade, as sunshine is a welcome friend at the end of the week.

Two brown labs greeted patrons who meandered in their general direction. Gentle rascals, they sniffed and nuzzled against the wishes of their owners.

It’s quite alright – I’m a dog person, I said, petting the brown one as she rested her head in my lap.

What’s your name? I asked, rubbing her ears.

That’s Cocoa.

Hi Cocoa – you’re as sweet as your name, I said with a lingering pat as she turned to sniff elsewhere.

The other brown one made it’s way to Cocoa’s previously held position.

And what’s your name?

That’s Brownie.

What WAS the inspiration for their names? I asked, thinking my snarky sarcasm was as obvious as the answer to my question.

Well – I used to have a black lab named Cocoa … … … …

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Really? Two brown labs named Brownie and Cocoa have names with an origin story?


…notes from the hire ups.

…notes from the hire ups.

First day of spring. #official #flowers #purdy

First day of spring. #official #flowers #purdy

Today, we morn the passing of the best beard I’ve ever grown. You will be missed.