…quite possibly one of the most depressing songs ever.

But I love it.

Beautifully lonely.

450 days later

Change is inevitable.  Nothing gold can stay they say, and it’s true.  Physical. Emotional.  Financial. Otherwise. Things move. People grow wiser and watch the tarnished world fade – sepia tones set against misty water colored memories.

Sometimes, you ride herd on circumstances and can parlay change into the positive – a life upgrade. This rarely happens without sacrifice, but things only have value when you’re willing to give something up in order to obtain it.

Sometimes, you’re privy to these changes. Up close and personal with a sensible catalyst . It makes sense.  It’s calculated. It’s by choice.

Sometimes it’s a familiar’s sucker punch with a little extra umph. Dazed and confused, you stumble around a while – blinded by the sting and the tears and the searing pain running from knife wound to toe.

Occasionally, it’s a slow burn, fade to black. What was once a cathedral built on a foundation of trust and understanding – the tenants of intimacy – is now but a relic; mysterious ruins left for the wanderers.

Change is inevitable and nothing gold can stay.


I’ve made a huge mistake…
Silver Linings Playbook

…for reasons yet known, when I listen to this track, I get an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. It’s probably because I’m a sheep in wolf’s clothing, but it might also be the notion of growing disinterested in right and wrong, deferring instead to obedience to God - I find this both poignant and fascinating.

setting sun

setting sun